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Course Syllabus

Term (Contact hours)                 2018 FALL (33 hours each)
Class & Section                            Intermediate Conversation Saturday Afternoon
Instructor: Reiko Kondo            Email:                              
Meeting day & Time                   Saturdays, 1:00-4:00 p.m.

PREREQUISITE: Beginning Conversation or 45 contact hours of Japanese (or equivalent).


Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:  say how frequently you do something and give a brief reason for why you do it, order food at a restaurant (L11); talk about characteristics of things and people, use basic greetings when visiting people and receiving guests (L12); talk about giving and receiving gifts, praise someone's possessions (L13); express your thoughts about experiences, gratitude, make telephone calls (L14); talk about events, invite someone or be invited to an event; make plans with someone (L15); talk about what you own, offer to help someone or accept or reject someone's offer, give reasons for offering someone something, invite someone to do something, or refuse someone's invitation (L16); talk about weekend plans and travel plans, say what you will do in what order (L17); ask to have something delivered by a specific means from a store or office, ask someone to do something for you, give directions to a taxi driver (L18); talk about going to a museum, length of stay, ask about travel times (L19); ask for permission, refuse or grant permission (L20).


1. Required: Association for Japanese-Language Teaching. (2006). Japanese For Busy People I (3rd ed.) Romanized VERSION . Tokyo, Japan: Kodansha International
2. Audio cassette tapes  related to the textbook lessons; Free CD available in the textbook.
3. Practice on the Internet

1. One final exam (2.5 hours). 2. Upon successful completion (80% or higher attendance rate and 80% or higher final exam score) of the course, a STUDENT PROGRESS REPORT will be written if requested at the time you take the final exam.  3. Your final exam score (%) and attendance (%) will be kept in a digitized form @STUDENT GRADES AND INFORMATION REPOSITORY.

The instructor will create a relaxed, low-anxiety atmosphere through which you can acquire the previously mentioned course objectives with less effort and with ease. The instructor will use an eclectic teaching method.


1. The instructor will follow the CALENDAR /Weekly Schedule printed below. 2. In class, student and teacher (and student and student) will engage in interactive language activities, a variety of exercises, using Japanese as much as possible. The instructor, however, will use some mechanical and meaningful drills, when necessary, to develop your kinetic memory for the training of the perceptual motor skills. 3. Students will reinforce and develop vocabulary, structure, listening (audio cassette tapes checked out regularly) and conversational skills through weekly assignments. 4. The class, however, may be conducted in accordance with the needs of the students in class within the course objectives.

CALENDAR / Weekly Schedule
Week 1 (9/29)    Lesson 11 & 12
Week 2 (10/6)    Lesson 13
Week 3 (10/13)   Lesson 14
Week 4 (10/19)   Lesson 15
Week 5 (10/26)   Lesson 16
Week 6 (11/3)    Lesson 17
Week 7 (11/10)   Lesson 18
Week 8 (11/17)   Lesson 19
11/24 Thanksgiving NO class
Week 9 (12/1)    Review
Week 10 (12/8)   Final Exam
Week 11 (12/15)  Lesson 20   * Last day of class


1.     You are expected to listen to the audio cassette tapes, memorize new words, read the    grammar explanation in the textbook and to complete all assignments before coming to class.

2.     From time to time short quizzes may be given in class.

3.     Please be on time for class; otherwise, you interrupt the lesson for others. Regular class attendance and participation are essential for language learning.

4.     Excessive absences (more than 3 class meetings) may be cause for repetition of the course.

5.     The results of your final exam (%) and attendance (%) will be kept in a digitized form @STUDENT GRADES AND INFORMATION REPOSITORY Your PROGRESS REPORT will be kept in the Soko Gakuen Records Office, and the Office will release it only upon your request.

6.     When you obtain a score of 80% or higher on the final exam, you move up to a higher level class. Soko Gakuen's exit criteria for each class/level are based on the 1987 ACTFL Japanese Language Proficiency Guidelines.

There will be NO MAKE-UP FINAL for this course.

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